Life Drawing Class

So you want something different from the usual Topless waiters or strippers for your party?… and want to see a little more? Well this option is for you.

Believe it or not our guys don’t just look good but they are talented  artists too. So all classes are conducted by our  Newcastle topless waiters who are professionally  trained artists, so you may even learn something too!

If it’s just for fun or for the Serious Artist you will be promised lots of laughs smiles and you may even learn something too.

Your Newcastle topless waiter arrives and for the first 30 minutes of your event he will conduct himself like a regular topless waiter pouring  and serving  your drinks and snacks like usual.

So the girls at your party will be none the wiser… after the first half hour then he will remove his black pants and cuffs and collar  to the surprise of your guests become your life drawing model and artist! 

 Your model will then go through many different poses, all the while making sure you draw all his bits and pieces proportionately correct.
Your Topless waiter / Artist  will be with you for 2 hours of fun … yes he will be FULLY NAKED while conducting the class.

For the above  the rate will depend on exact location and start from $490 plus $5 per guest for the sketch pads and all drawing materials.

You can have a second topless waiter who will remain a waiter for the whole 2 hours during the class serving you for an extra $150 depending on location.

Newcastle Life Drawing Class

So call today to book in your Newcastle life drawing class.

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